Writing Update


Life is super busy for me right now, but I’m still plugging away on Rune Legacy, the final book in the Runebound trilogy. I’m almost halfway done with the first draft, and I hope to have the book ready to publish by the end of January. A full-time job and a growing infant mean my schedule is subject to change, but I’m committed to publishing this book as soon as possible!

Another update I’m excited to share is that I signed a publishing contract for the audio versions of the Runebound books this week. Podium Publishing is going to produce and distribute audio versions of Rune Empire, Rune Destiny, and Rune Legacy (when it’s complete). I could not be more happy to be working with them!

Anyway, I just wanted to post an update for the two people that might check this blog and wonder if I’m still alive.

I’m still alive, and I’m still writing!

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