First Draft Finished!

Hello, dear readers!

The first draft of my next book, the sequel to The Coriddian Admiral, is finished!

I just sent it off to the editor. Hopefully, it will be complete and available for purchase sometime near the end of February or the beginning of March.

A quick update

Hello, dear reader!

I thought you might like to know that I’ve reached the halfway point on the first draft of my next novel, the third book in the Shrouded King series.

It’s proving to be quite an entertaining book to write, and I hope the same holds true for reading it!

Dispelling the curse of early success

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face around these parts. Too long a while, if I’m honest.

I never thought I’d do it, but I’ve finally written my fifth book. It’s the next book in The Saga of the Shrouded King, a direct sequel to The Tenth Reaver. I just sent my finalized first draft to the editor, and I hope to get it published live within the next month.

For the few of you that find this website and wonder where I’ve been, I apologize for the long delay between books. In part, life happened. I had an opportunity to transition into a management role in my career, which I felt I could not pass up. And I had a second kid. Both of these combined to make 2019 crazy, and I did not write a single word last year.

However, there’s more to my hesitation than that.

I released my first book, Rune Empire, without any knowledge or expectations. I just wrote the thing, formatted it, and put it on Amazon. It took off like a rocket. It was an unprecedented and unmitigated success. As a consequence, I immediately felt the pressure to write the next book, and then the next. Along the way, I encountered people who wanted to give me advice about how to capitalize on my newfound success. I followed their advice to the best of my ability.

But over time, I started to hate writing. I lost the joy of exploring my own stories and characters. I became so focused on trying to be a writing machine that I lost sight of why I was doing it in the first place.

By the time I finished writing The Tenth Reaver, I was miserable. And to my mounting despair, I was never able to replicate Rune Empire’s success. My sales tanked for no reason I could understand. The only conclusion I could come to was: the Amazon algorithm giveth and it taketh away.

So, yes, life happened, but I was also so disillusioned with writing that I thought I’d never write again.

Well, I’m back, and after an 18 month break, I wrote 80k words to finish my next book. And I enjoyed every minute of it. I discovered two things about myself in 2019. I don’t want to be in a management role, and I have to write.

There are people, even now, that are telling me I should abandon the books I’ve written and try to reboot my career with a new pen name. They’ve got all sorts of advice about what genres I should write in and what audience I should target.

This time, I’m ignoring all of that. If that means I toil in obscurity, so be it. You won’t find me on social media. The only time you’ll ever get an email on my mailing list is when I release a new book.

All that matters is the writing. I’m working towards something, I can feel it. I put everything I have into each book, and when I’m done, all I can think about is how to make the next one better.

For those of you who have read my books, I wish I could shake your hand, look you in the eye and say, “Thank you for reading my books. I hope you enjoyed them. Please be patient with me, because I know I can do better.”

Rune Legacy is Live!

I got up at 6am this morning and worked nine hours to get Rune Legacy published, and it’s now available for purchase on Amazon!

The print copy should be available in a few days.

I’m excited to finish the Runebound trilogy. I’ll write a more detailed blog entry sometime soon about my writing adventures thus far and what’s coming next!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

rune legacy e-book cover copy

But at Amazon Image

Writing Update


Life is super busy for me right now, but I’m still plugging away on Rune Legacy, the final book in the Runebound trilogy. I’m almost halfway done with the first draft, and I hope to have the book ready to publish by the end of January. A full-time job and a growing infant mean my schedule is subject to change, but I’m committed to publishing this book as soon as possible!

Another update I’m excited to share is that I signed a publishing contract for the audio versions of the Runebound books this week. Podium Publishing is going to produce and distribute audio versions of Rune Empire, Rune Destiny, and Rune Legacy (when it’s complete). I could not be more happy to be working with them!

Anyway, I just wanted to post an update for the two people that might check this blog and wonder if I’m still alive.

I’m still alive, and I’m still writing!

Rune Destiny is Live!


I published Rune Destiny today! At 118k words, it is significantly longer than Rune Empire. From start to finish, it took me a little under five months to complete. If you had told me a year ago that at this point I would have two books published, I would have said you were crazy.

Anyway, I hope you like it! A hard-copy version should follow sometime later this week.

rune destiny 6x9 copy