It’s live!

I published Rune Empire today!

This is the first book I’ve ever written. I started writing this same time last year. I got most of my writing done during my lunch breaks at work. It was a grueling process. Lots of re-writes and changes. But I’m happy with the finished product.

Now that the first book is done, I aim to finish the second in less than half the time!

Rune Empire is 95k words complete.

I’ve written 55k words for the sequel, Rune Destiny, in less than three months.

And I don’t plan on slowing down!

4 thoughts on “It’s live!

  1. First book was Great!!! But in all honesty I like a longer read. I hope that the next one will be much longer than 55k, unless i’m just reading that wrong and its just the start, Can’t wait for the squeal. Thanks for the enjoyable read. Job well done.

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    • I’m so happy you enjoyed the first book!

      And don’t worry, 55k words is only the halfway mark for book two! I hit 80k words written on the sequel to Rune Empire today.


  2. I really enjoyed your first book. I tend not to buy hard copies unless they are available in hardback though so until then I’ll just read online and wait. Well wishes to you in your work.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the first book!

      I don’t think I can publish a hardback version through Amazon. But if I could, I would, just for you!


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